First Death From California's Wildfires Confirmed


A woman's body was found in rubble in southern California. This is the first confirmed death from the wildfires. Governor Jerry Brown stated that he would visit Ventura County on December 9, 2017. This is the area where six of the largest wildfires have occurred. He stated that he will survey the damage and meet with the residents who have been affected by the wildfires.

Northern California Plagued By Looting In The Aftermath Of The Wild Fires

Wild Fires

Parts of Northern California is ravaged by wildfires that spread out of control earlier this month. As if it isn’t bad enough to have the sheer destruction, looting seems to be adding further complications. In Santa Rosa, Saturday night turned out to be a fateful one for two criminals. The police was called to the southern edge of town where the Tubbs fire was. Here, they arrested two suspects.

Battling Wildfires in California


California is one a unique state for a variety of reasons. There is a huge difference between different parts of the state in both culture and climate. In certain areas of the state, wildfires have been an issue over the past few years. The state has had little rainfall, and this is causing drought conditions.


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