California Is Suffering Through A Catastrophic New Year


California has been hit with a string of disasters including wildfires, mudslides and a serious flu epidemic. All of this occured within the first few days of 2018. The recent calamities have kept California in the headlines.

Strong Winds Spark Fears Thomas Fire Could Flare Back Up

Thomas Fire

The lack of strong winds has allowed firefighters battling the Thomas fire north of Santa Barbara a few days of respite, but that is all about to change as the fierce winds are expected to return Wednesday and Thursday. For most of the past three days, firefighters had been using the lull in the winds to conduct controlled burns, cut down burned trees and put out still smoldering areas.

Mandatory Evacuations Ordered In Santa Barbara

Mandatory evacuations have been ordered in Santa Barbara. People who live from Mission Canyon Road to Hot Springs Road were told to evacuate. People who live from SR 192 to East Camino Cielo were also ordered to evacuate. Santa Barbara County posted a detailed evacuation route on their Twitter page.

Response to California's Skirball Fire


Some residents are being allowed to re-enter their homes after following mandatory evacuation orders on December 6, 2017, when the Skirball fire was first reported at 4:52 AM. Four homes have been totally destroyed and up to 12 other homes have some damage. One firefighter received a minor burn to his neck. The city ordered people from up to 700 homes to evacuate, and they opened three evacuation shelters.

Search Begins for Bodies in California Fires

California Fires

As fires continue to rage across northern California, the unfortunate search for the victims' bodies has already begun in some areas.

Fire Takes Over California Trailer Park

There are numerous fires that seem to be burning out of control in areas of California. It appears as though a portion of the state has simply gone up in flames. Firefighters are working with everything they have to get the fires under control, but dry weather and little rain are making it difficult to get the fires put out.



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