Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College Announces the Development of New Recycling Center

The public ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new recycling center at the Orange Coast College (OCC) provides a focus on the school’s support for environmental protection. The facility that lies on the northern edge of the Costa Mesa campus takes up almost five times as much area as the center that it replaces.

Introducing the New Orange Coast College Planetarium: Paving the Future with a $1 Million Donation

The Orange Coast College staff never expected to receive a substantial $1 million donation from a retired professor. Mary McChesney, a retired English and Spanish instructor who had previously taught numerous students, recently donated $1 million. Her donation is intended for the funding of the future planetarium's Foucault pendulum used to count the Earth's rotational cycles. College officials stated that the pendulum is a novelty item in Orange County.

Something Really Stinks at Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College has had a strange resident living on its campus for more than 10 years. Little Dougie, an Amorphophallus titanum plant, has been at the school since 2006. However, people made a big stink about it when it bloomed this past June.



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