How Effective Could Doug Martin be in Oakland?

Gauging Doug Martin's Usefulness in Oakland

The free agency period in the NFL is always a time for changing and evaluating a team roster, and for the Oakland Raiders the signing of running back Doug Martin may prove to have positive results.

Can Oakland Raiders Make Playoffs?

Oakland Raiders

Coming into the season, the Oakland Raiders were one of the teams that everyone thought would make the playoffs. However, the team has had numerous issues this year. Not only have they struggled on offense, but injuries at critical positions have caused issues as well.

Derek Carr Salary

Derek Carr is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL today. Coming out of college, there were few people who saw the potential that the Oakland Raiders did. He recently received a new contract from the Oakland Raiders. This contract makes Carr one of the highest paid players in the NFL today.

Oakland Raiders Still Alive for Playoffs

Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders have had one of the most interesting seasons in recent memory. Coming into the year, the Raiders were a playoff favorite. Some NFL experts believed that the team had a great chance of making the Super Bowl. Although the team started off strong, things have not gone well over the past few weeks.

Chargers Look Like They are Ready to Make Move in Division


One of the biggest storylines during the offseason of the NFL was the decision by the San Diego Charges to move back to Los Angeles. The Chargers, who actually spent their first season in Los Angeles, were home in San Diego for more than 50 years. They are now the second team in two years to decide to relocate the franchise to LA. While the Charger fans are focused on the move, the team is now focused on finding ways to move up in the standings.


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