Los Angeles Dodgers

No Happiness in California After Game 7


The World Series of Major League Baseball is completed, and celebrations are occurring all over Houston, Texas. However, the feelings are quite different in the state of California. The Dodgers last won in the World Series in 1988. This means many of the oldest millennial fans of the team have never seen a victory since kindergarten.

Los Angeles Dodgers Lead California Baseball in 2017

Los Angeles Dodgers

Major League Baseball is one of the most exhausting sports in the world -- not because of the physicality of the game but the sheer longevity of it. The Los Angeles Dodgers more than any other team in 2017 can prove just how much a long season can change a teams prospects. Los Angeles, the MLB leader in wins this season, went through a horrific stretch of games where they set a record for consecutive games lost.


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