Housing Crisis

Judge Bans Local Governments From Protecting Parks

Housing Crisis

Many people are already familiar with the housing crisis in California. However, this crisis has two parts. First, there is the problem of the young and newly employed being unable to find an affordable places to live. Second, there is the chronic problem of homelessness throughout cities in California.

Los Angeles Passes a Development Fee to Fight Homelessness

Housing Crisis

It's no secret that there is a housing crisis in California. The only question people need to answer is what to do about it. Maintaining the economic growth of the region depends upon solving the housing crisis. Additionally, being able to maintain a sense of community and identify in the face of rampant gentrification also depends on solving the housing crisis.

Details on the Housing Crisis in California

Housing Crisis

People in California deal with many different problems. However, one of the most pressing problems is the housing crisis. Thanks to the tech industry, the economy in California is booming. Tech companies are thirsty for talent, and more and more people are moving to the state. Unfortunately, this means there is less and less space available for people to live.


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