California's New Rules on Pesticide Use


Starting on January 1, 2018, Californian farmers found using certain pesticides in the vicinity—within 0.25 miles—of schools or daycares will be fined up to $5000. According to the state Department of Pesticide Regulation, the new rules are meant to enhance the safety of students, teachers, and other people within the compounds of the mentioned institutions.

Measures Put in Place to Combat Hepatitis A in California

18 people have died in San Diego, California as a result of the outbreak of Hepatitis A. The outbreak has resulted to the California governor Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency. He went ahead to reveal that vaccines provided by the federal government were not sufficient.

Three Confirmed Deaths So Far From West Nile Virus in Southern California

2017's outbreak of the West Nile Virus has already claimed three lives in southern California, abc7 reports.

Man Severely Burned When Police Held Him on Hot Pavement

James Bradford Nelson has been fighting schizophrenia since he was an adolescent. He was in a schizophrenic state when he encountered police on June 23 of this year in a KFC parking lot. The caller stated that Nelson was acting erratically and had tried to punch the manager, steal his wallet, and he was pointing his finger as a gun at patrons.

W.H.O. chooses three African countries to test first malaria vaccine

W.H.O. chooses three African countries to test first malaria vaccine

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) announced on Monday that three African countries, viz. Ghana, Kenya, and Malawi, have been chosen for testing the world’s first malaria vaccine.

The three African nations will kick off piloting the injectable malaria vaccine sometime in 2018 with hundreds of thousands of young kids, who are particularly at risk due to the mosquito-borne deadly disease.

Researchers find brain ‘wonder-drugs’

Researchers find brain ‘wonder-drugs’

A few years back, a team of British researchers successfully stopped dying of brain cells in an animal. But the compound used in that promising research was not suitable for people because it caused damage organs.

However, researchers have now found a couple of drugs that can provide the same protection to the brain without causing any significant harm. Moreover, the two safe compounds are said to be already in use by people.



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