Have a Passion for Fashion? Explore Your Creative Side at Academy of Art University.

What kind of person even considers a career in the arts or fashion? Is it only a special breed, or those with connections within the industry? How about a Captain in the United States Marine Corps? Or a scientist? Or a retail manager? Or high country backpacking guide? If you always thought a working class background could never fit into a world of fashion or art, or find success and fulfillment there, you are mistaken.

The State of California Universities

The Los Angeles Times described the withdrawal of over 500 admissions by the University of California, Irvine as a sucker punch. The outrage that followed was heard far and beyond the campus area. However, it was revealed that this is not the first time that universities in California have withdrawn admissions.

New York’s Success Academy is Changing the Education Landscape

The Network
Success Academy is a renowned network of public charter schools that offer families in New York City a free alternative to the many dysfunctional failing schools that prevail in disadvantaged neighborhoods. From the first day a student joins a Success school, the adults in the system are committed to ensuring that the scholar succeeds in school, in university, and throughout life.


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