Car Accident

Harrison Ford to the Rescue in California Again!

Harrison Ford

People are always thrilled to suddenly meet celebrities in California. However, this often happens without the celebrity intending to be seen. For example, folks might see a famous musician getting coffee. Someone else might see a popular movie star out for a jog. These sightings are exciting. However, what if you ended up meeting a celebrity because he or she rescued you from danger? That would be pretty incredible!

Strangers Assist Others Involved In California Car Accident

Car Accident

There are still good people in the world as was demonstrated when a group of people responded to an accident involving a big rig on State Route 125 in California. The group started working to get people from the vehicles involved in the accident before firefighters and other emergency personnel showed up on the scene. The accident occurred on a Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately, a young girl and her mother were killed in the accident.


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