Are you looking for looking for high-quality siding and roofing services? Do not look past Aloha...

Are you looking for looking for high-quality siding and roofing services? Do not look past Aloha...

With decades of experience in the for-profit and non-profit worlds,...

Hippos have finally made their triumphant return to the Dallas Zoo! After one year of intense...

Following increased profits in property sales in 2016, Northern California’s housing market is...

51st Annual Festival of Chariots in Golden Gate Park

Over the weekend, Hindus celebrated the Festival of Chariots in Golden Gate Park. The festival is a parade and celebration held every year in San Francisco since 1967. Its roots are tied with the Indian celebration known as Ratha Yatra, which has been traced back for more than a millennia. The celebration was originally held in Puri, India.

A's Looking to Ship off Gray

The Oakland Athletics have been one of the more competitive teams in Major League Baseball for the past decade. This has been an impressive feat given the fact that they are considered a small market team and have a limited payroll budget. One way they have been able to do this is by trading for prospects and building a young talented team over time.

Fresno Cosmetic Surgeon Sued After Nude Breast Photos With Patient's Name Appear Online

For Mandi Stillwell, she had them done to boost her low self-esteem, something her mother had repeatedly instilled in her and her sister at a young age. Since childhood, the Fresno resident felt fat, unattractive and not good about herself. So when she found a reputable cosmetic surgeon nearby, she went for a breast lift, breast implants and a tummy tuck in March of 2013. She was elated with the results.

This Year's U.S. Open of Surfing Was a Bit Like 'Jaws'

Every year, 200 of the best surfers on the planet congregate on the coast of California to compete for the most prestigious prize in the business—highest honors at the U.S. Open of Surfing. This year, however, looked a bit different than years past.

Waiakea Bottled Water: Good For You, Good For Africa

Like most people, you're probably always looking for ways to enhance your healthy lifestyle. As a health-conscious person, you probably take care to eat well and to stay as hydrated as possible. When it comes to staying hydrated, water is the way to go. It's easy to assume that one brand of bottled water is no different than the next, but nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that there's more to water than, well, water.

Modified 747 Could Be the Next Big Tool to Fight Wildfires

This past few summers have seen some of the worst wildfires on record. The recent Detwiler Fire in Mariposa County consumed over 45,000 acres alone. Local residents were evacuated as their homes were threatened by encroaching flames. Recent heat waves and dry conditions make future fires more likely, and firefighters continue to look for ways to stop forest fires before they destroy homes, animal habitats, and people.