Hippos have finally made their triumphant return to the Dallas Zoo! After one year of intense...

Following increased profits in property sales in 2016, Northern California’s housing market is...

Whales Spotted Off Long Beach Coast

People who were on one of the Harbor Breeze Cruise boats were in for a treat on June 2, 2017, when a few killer whales performed in the water. Ryan Lawler is the owner of Newport Coastal Adventure and had completed his tours for the day when he saw the whales in the water. When he turned his boat back around to get a better look, he saw several of the animals swimming and playing around. Guests on a nearby cruise boat were also able to see the whales and the magnificent dance that they gave.

Orca Pod Showboats on Long Beach Coast

A playful pod of orcas gave whale watchers a rare treat off of Palos Verdes Long Beach on Friday afternoon. The massive predators greeted passengers on a trip with Harbor Breeze Cruises by swimming under boats, breaching repeatedly, performing back flips, and "spy-hopping" their heads out of the water.

Environmental Policy Causes Increase in California Shark Sightings

As tourist and locals alike flock to the beach this summer, many will report shark sightings resulting in both fear and awe from other beach-goers. This summer, California has witnessed an unexpected increase in shark sightings.

Wetsuit Pioneer and Surfing Icon Jack O'Neil Dies at 94

Jack O'Neil, whose innovative neoprene wetsuit helped create the sport of cold-water surfing, died Friday at the age of 94. The Santa Cruz-based businessman passed away peacefully in his home, according to his family.

San Franciscans Now Live Only 10 Minutes From a City Park

If you live in the city of San Francisco, you are never more than a 10-minute walk from a park. How's that for green? It hasn't always been this way.

Improvisational Comedy Heals patients at the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital

Jenny Debevec, the proprietor of the idea of improvisational comedy, supposes that children who are left alone, are nervous or incapacitated by persistent illnesses turn out to be joyous when they participate in improvisational comedy. According to her, this is not a gag, as in the five years she has engaged in the art at a hospital directed by the Palo Alto school, she has experienced a lot of changes.