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Are you looking for looking for high-quality siding and roofing services? Do not look past Aloha...

Are you looking for looking for high-quality siding and roofing services? Do not look past Aloha...

With decades of experience in the for-profit and non-profit worlds,...

Hippos have finally made their triumphant return to the Dallas Zoo! After one year of intense...

Van Nuys Business Owners Stand Against Metro Expansion

A 9.2 mile East Fernando Valley Transit Project, slated to break ground in 2021, may have been thrown off track. Business owners along a stretch of Van Nuys Boulevard have banded together to decry the project, which could force approximately 180 businesses to relocate.

Scott Wiener Introduces New Bill to Allow Bars to Stay Open After Two In the Morning

Currently, California has a nightlife limit of 2 a.m. This means that bars and other nightlife establishments can only stay open until 2 a.m. Scott Wiener wants to introduce a bill that will allow California's nightlife establishments, such as bars, to stay open until 4 a.m.

State Authorities Warn That Natural Gas Supplies Are Expected To Be Tight This Coming Winter

Natural Gas

The Energy authorities and utilities in the state of California warn that enough natural gas may not be provided by the Southern California Gas Co. for all consumers this coming winter. The authorities say that three critical pipelines are out of service. The pipelines take gas into the troubled Aliso canyon site in Southern California. The three pipes collectively contribute to a total of 42% of all the natural gas supply in Los Angeles area.


Raul Bocanegra

Raul Bocanegra resigned on Monday following claims of sexual misconduct, making him the first councilman to leave office following a series of reports.
Raul decided to leave after a serious discussion with his supporters, family, and friends during the Thanksgiving holiday. The democrat council had previously agreed he would leave office at the end of his legislative session. Many women have accused him of groping and kissing them without their permission.

The High Court of California to Decide on the Legality of Farm work Law

A ruling that is set to be given by the highest court in California may reduce the power of organized farm labor drastically. This is after a legal battle between one of the biggest fruit farms in the United States and the labor union leader Cesar Chavez.

What to Expect From 2018 California Business Laws

As recently announced by the California Chamber of Commerce, several new laws will go into effect in 2018, altering hiring limitations, parental leave, and other business concerns. Here's the breakdown of what the laws are and how they will impact the workplace:

Parental Time Off



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