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Following increased profits in property sales in 2016, Northern California’s housing market is...

Exotic Plant Makes First Bloom In 10 Years, Second Plant To Follow Suit

There's big news coming out of the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers this weekend as a corpse flower plant is expected to bloom. This will be the first time this corpse flower plant has bloomed during its existence. This plant is almost 10 years old. Corpse flower plants are not only known for their rare blooms, but also for their horrendous stench mimicking that of a rotting corpse.

Los Angeles' Popularity May Be Its Biggest Problem

Did you ever think being too popular could be a bad thing? Well, over-popularity may be exactly what's causing problems for Los Angeles, and it may very well develop into a crisis in the future.

Bay Bridge Steel To Become Public Art

San Francisco decided to give away old and rusted portions of the Bay Bridge on June 16, but there was one catch; you need to be an artist. Oh, and you needed to be able to haul it away yourself.

San Francisco Giants Could Have Worst Season Ever

San Francisco Giants CIt is no secret that the Giants are having a miserable 2017 season. A team that had so much hope coming out of spring training now finds itself 20 games under .500 and 20 games behind the first place Colorado Rockies. It might seem like things cannot get much worse for the beleaguered Giants. However, that is not true.

People Actually Paid to Sniff a Flower That Smells Like Rotting Flesh

The Conservatory of Flowers was abnormally busy this Friday as hundreds of San Francisco residents waited in line for up to a half hour to waft in a sniff of what is known as San Francisco's stinkiest plant.

Yosemite National Park Main Entrance Blocked by Rock Slide

International tourist destination, Yosemite National Park, will be a little more difficult to access for the next week due to a large rock slide. On Monday, June 12th, around four million tons of rock cascaded down the Parkline Slab cliff side and onto El Portal Road. This is proving problematic as this is the main entrance used by tourists to enter the park.