School Rating Systems Reform

Educational reform is always a topic rampant with discussion. There are many views on how a school should operate, and there are also new ways to monitor that operation. Now, schools will have to use a multi-measure rating system that will take a look at racial and ethnic gaps in schools throughout California.

Modern McCarthyism in the Golden State?

The political paranoia of the Cold War engulfs California even without taking into account the scandals being handled by the White House in the Trump administration. In the Golden State, antiquated statutes and rules are painful reminders of the McCarthy era, a time that no one would like to revisit; nonetheless, people are being actively affected by these relics.

National Weather Service Warns of Wildfire Risks

High temperatures, low humidity, and the thick, bushy undergrowth in Southern California are creating the potential for spreading wildfires. On Sunday, temperatures inland are expected to be higher than average in some places, possibly reaching into the mid-90's.

$8 Billion in Unclaimed Property Held in California

Betty Yee, the California State Controller, would like to reunite $8 billion in unclaimed property with its 36 million rightful owners. ABC 7 News reports that most of the swag is in the form of bank accounts that have been forgotten, uncashed checks, stock dividends and inheritances.

Eric Lefkofsky Searches Coast to Coast for a Cure

You may not have heard of Eric Lefkofsky, but you are very likely to be familiar with one of his business ventures. Eric made a name for himself when he took InnerWorkings and Echo Global Logistics public, but his third public company, Groupon, is the most recognizable.

Immigration Agents Scare Parishioners in Sacramento

The presence of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in a Sacramento house of worship are keeping many churchgoers away for fear that they may rounded up in a deportation raid.