As summer turns to fall, we welcome a change of weather and the earliest hints of the holiday...

Are you looking for looking for high-quality siding and roofing services? Do not look past Aloha...

Are you looking for looking for high-quality siding and roofing services? Do not look past Aloha...

With decades of experience in the for-profit and non-profit worlds,...

Hippos have finally made their triumphant return to the Dallas Zoo! After one year of intense...

Corey Feldman Exposed Sexual Misconduct in Hollywood Years Earlier

As more celebrities speak out against sexual misconduct in Hollywood, we’re minded of Corey Feldman’s prophetic words on the subject. Years ago, Feldman, who now concentrates on a music career away from the pressures of acting, tried to expose incidents of pedophilia and sexual misconduct with child actors. Unfortunately, the actor was shamed into silence. Now, one of those interviews is coming forward to cast a dark shadow on one celebrated journalist in particular.

Housing is Nearly Unaffordable in California

With home prices at 2.5 times higher than the rest of the country, it is becoming increasingly difficult to afford a home in California. According to Los Angeles Daily News, more than half of homeowners are struggling to pay for their homes.

Surviving the California Wildfires

California is a dynamic state with a thriving economy. However, one of the biggest issues facing the state is the climate. Over the past few years, California has received much less rainfall than it usually does. This has led to drought conditions in a variety of areas throughout the state.

Smoke delays SFO flights

Smoke from California Wine Country fires was so heavy that flights at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) were delayed or canceled. Visibility was only about 7 miles, which sets into motion a ground delay metering program to control how many planes can take off or land at a time. SFO usually handles 60 flights per hour, but only averaged 30 flights per hour last week.

Measures Put in Place to Combat Hepatitis A in California

18 people have died in San Diego, California as a result of the outbreak of Hepatitis A. The outbreak has resulted to the California governor Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency. He went ahead to reveal that vaccines provided by the federal government were not sufficient.

Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky and the Last Mile

Tempus recently announced its collaboration with The Knight Cancer Institute, which is on the campus of Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). Knight is one of 69 Cancer Centers designated by the National Cancer Institute. OHSU is known as both an academic health center and a research university. Tempus and Knight are the latest links in the cancer information network Tempus is building. This year, Tempus announced collaborations with the University of Virginia, U. C.



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