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Are you looking for looking for high-quality siding and roofing services? Do not look past Aloha...

Are you looking for looking for high-quality siding and roofing services? Do not look past Aloha...

With decades of experience in the for-profit and non-profit worlds,...

Haas-Lilienthal House Restored to Original Glory

The Haas–Lilienthal House, on San Francisco’s historic Franklin Street, dates back to the city’s Gilded Age. Built in 1886 of oak and redwood, the old gray mansion in Pacific Heights just received a $4.3 million renovation restoring the Victorian showplace to its original glory and preserving a cultural icon for decades to come.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement team raid all undocumented businesses in California.

Over the past week, the United States and Customs Enforcement have reported having arrested 212 undocumented immigrants in Southern California. The arrest was conducted on Saturday where the ICE had targeted over 212 unregistered businesses. The process was a five-day mission. The ICE had earlier said that Southern California had hosted a list of immigrants that were not legit. This was against the law and something had to be done.

Immigration Officials Make 200 Arrests In Southern California


The federal government is stepping up efforts to enforce immigration laws in the state of California resulting in more than 200 undocumented immigrants being arrested over a five-day period. In addition, 122 businesses that were suspected of employing undocumented workers were targeted in the sweep.

Federal Agents Target 122 Businesses and 200 Undocumented Immigrants in California

On Friday, the crackdown by the federal government in the Golden State widened on Friday when an announcement was made that 212 undocumented immigrants were arrested and 122 businesses were targeted in a sweep that lasted for five days in California. The action comes just days after the feds carr5ied out a host of raids in the Northern part of California in a bid to flash out workers who had been working illegally in the United States as undocumented immigrants.

The 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend Begins Soon in Los Angeles

Fans of the NBA have watched exciting basketball games all year. Those that will be in the Los Angeles area this weekend have a chance to attend the highly-anticipated 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend. One of the biggest events taking place during this weekend is called the NBA Crossover experience.

The Licensed Marijuana sellers in California Request State Authorities to Crack Down on the illegal competition.

Just a few weeks after the Golden state enacted the law that legalized recreational pot, farming, and processing, there have been numerous complaints from the dealers. Authorized dealers have leveled accusations that they are facing stiff competition from illegal marijuana operations and have demanded the state to take stringent actions to curb on the vice.



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