An Unidentified California Man Saves Rabbit From Wildfires

One Californian man ran is being hailed as a hero on social media after he rushed into wildfire flames to save an innocent rabbit.

In the short video clip, viewers can clearly see a man hopping up and down trying to get the rabbit's attention. It took the man a few seconds to coax the rabbit into his hands bring it safely away from the flames. Eyewitnesses say both the man and the rabbit were only inches away from the flames.

Los Angeles's ABC7 KABC captured the video of this daring rescue. As of today, nobody knows the identity of this man. All that authorities know is that the man was wearing shorts and a red hoodie and that he and the rabbit are safe. This all took place on a Ventura County highway.

Nobody knows where the man took the rabbit after the video. A few journalists asked the man for an interview, but he didn't want to be identified.

The recent wildfires in California have forced at least 200,000 people to leave their homes. Rescue teams are still working around the clock to contain these deadly blazes.

This year's California wildfires are some of the worst on record. Local authorities say four of the deadliest fires occurred within the last year.

Wildfires in October destroyed at least 8,900 buildings in the Napa and Sonoma counties. 40 people were confirmed dead from these fires.

Today, Southern California's Ventura County is active in about 96,000 acres. There's no idea what caused this new intense wildfire. Schools in at least 15 districts are closed and many highways are blocked off.

Many environmental factors are making firefighters' duties far more difficult in Southern California than it was in Northern California. The powerful (80 mph) Santa Ana winds, dry vegetation, and the low humidity in the region are making the flames greater.

It's very easy to find this video today on most social media feeds. Anyone can watch this incredible rescue video on KABC's website or on YouTube.



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