The Harteau Family is Safe

A family of four consisting of a couple and their two daughters hailing from California went missing on Sunday. They were attacked by pirates while on a boat on the Amazon River delta. The four were however found alive. Their bodies had scratches that probably resulted from grabbing and also had insect bites. According to the police from the Para, a northern jungle state in Brazil, Adam and Emily Harteau together with their daughters aged three and seven years were found safe and would spend their night at a nearby hospital located in Breves, few miles from where they were found. According to the spokesperson of Para’s Public Safety Department, Sergio Chene, the Harteau family were on their way to Breves when several shooters boarded the boat they were on and forced it to the city of Porto dos Diaz.

The pirates held the crew and the passengers hostage for a couple of hours. All their personal belongings were taken by the pirates before they took off. On arrival, the police said that they did not see any trace of the Harteau family. The law enforcement officers found the family car that they had used in the journey deserted in the jungle. It is not yet clear how this family was able to escape the pirates. According to a family spokesman Colby Guillory who hails from Los Angeles, the Harteau family is believed to have jumped off the boat, to free from pirates. He went on to say that Adam is one person that would do anything to ensure that his family is safe. He believes that the family jumped off.

The news on the safety of the family was received with lots of excitement. Guillory said that he could not wait to have them get home. Keith Harteau, a brother to Adam Harteau, revealed that the attack happened as the family was on its way back to California and were scheduled to arrive on the 15th of November. He went on to say that Adam and Emily Harteau wanted to have their children growing close to their relatives. The couple has been living in Florianopolis in Brazil. They fell in love with South Africa and have documented their travels using a website. According to the website, Adam is an artist while Emily has specialized in fashion and design. They intend to make their site serve as a modern family portrait.


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