There Was a Six Hour Long Hostage Situation Where a Parent Took a Teacher Hostage at a California School

A person was injured during a shooting with a police officer and was being cared for at a hospital on Tuesday night, according to Officer Ryan Railsback of the Riverside Police Department. Linda Montgomery, a teacher employed by the Riverside Unified School District, was unharmed where she taught at Castle View Elementary School.

During the chaos, the alleged gunman was injured during an exchange of gunfire between himself and officers of the Riverside Police Department, according to Officer Ryan Railsback in a statement given the same evening. The Riverside Unified School District released the name of the teacher to the police. The teacher trapped inside during the standoff and gunfire was identified as Linda Montgomery. She was not injured during the standoff and gunfire at Castleview Elementary, which is approximately 50 miles east of Los Angeles.

Law enforcement was afraid for the victim and the victim's safety for the remainder of the day. They attempted to empathize with the victim but were unable to fathom the trauma and worried about the victim's safety for the remainder of the day.

It probably started when a parent tried to take their child from the school and was not allowed to, said a law enforcement official, who stressed that the information was was still coming, and law enforcement officials were still trying to assemble a motive for the violence.

A law enforcement official who happens to be familiar with the investigation believes it might have started when a parent tried to leave with his or her child and was not allowed to. The officer offering information wanted to stress that the information being gathered and pieced together regarding the combustible event was still in the preliminary stages because the police are still trying to investigate a motive or come up with one for the bizarre case. Law enforcement hostage negotiators did their best to try and diffuse the situation for several hours, but they had no choice but to storm the building after negotiations for several hours were accomplishing nothing, according to Officer Ryan Railsback. He then informed everyone that Linda Montgomery was also taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

Thankfully, there were no students in the classroom at the time of the standoff and hostage situation. They were held at a park nearby. All of the students were accounted for and safe.

The original story was posted by NBC here.


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