Californian Tom Steyer Calls for Trump’s Impeachment

There is a television commercial that is running on the television in each of the 50 states in the United States of America, as the initial step to the campaign started by billionaire Tom Steyer calling for the impeachment of president Donald Trump. Tom has announced that he will use $10 million for the campaign since the presidency of Mr. Trump has brought America to a brink of nuclear war, besides the fact that he has been an obstruction to justice in the F.B.I. He goes ahead to say that the news houses are compelled to report not so true news since there are threats for their shut down. While supporting his claims on a national television, Mr. Tom Steyer says that if all the wrongs that have been made by POTUS do not warrant an impeachment, it is yet to be discovered what the American government has become.

According to a survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute in August, about 72 percent of Democrats are in support of the impeachment of Mr. Trump but calling for it has always seemed to be a taboo. Similarly, many of the elected Democrats agree that this presidency is a nightmare, but are shy to move a motion for the impeachment. As of now, some members of the Congress are waiting for the conclusion of an investigation that is being conducted by Robert Mueller about impeachment. According to a book written by Cass Sunstein a Harvard Law Scholar, crime alone does not lay the foundation for impeaching a president and neither is it necessary. There are various things that can result in this action.

One thing that the legal scholars have seen as a basis for Trump’s impeachment is the fact that he has violated the constitution which is supreme. He did this when he pardoned Arizona’s, Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Brand Sherman a Democrat from California introduced an article for the impeachment of Trump in July for firing James Comey from F.B.I, a move that was interpreted to be obstruction of justice. He was the second person to call for the impeachment after the same call was made by Texas Democrat Al Green. Many people are terrified of the behavior of Donald Trump. Steyer from California intends to come up with a movement that reaches out to many people who would want President Trump gone but do to know what they should do about it.


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