California Governor Is Building A Massive Water Project And Trump Doesn’t Like It

California and other Western states know the meaning of the word “drought,” and what a serious drought can do to a state’s economy. Three years ago, California was experiencing the worse drought in modern history, thanks to climate change. Every person living in the state, as well as visitors, had to make a sacrifice of some kind in order to conserve water. Seventy-nine-year-old Governor Jerry Brown had to initiate several water conservation programs in order to keep the economy moving in the right direction. One of the largest water projects in decades is on the debating table. It is a $16 billion proposal to build two enormous tunnels.
California has the sixth largest economy in the world, according to the International Monetary Fund and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. And Jerry Brown wants to keep his state’s economy healthy, and he wants to keep the water flowing in big and small California cities. Mr. Brown’s main water project supporter in Washington was former President Obama, but that support is over now. Governor Brown is feeling the heat of Donald Trump’s ignorance when it comes to climate change issues. Donald Trump’s administration just confirmed what Brown already knew. Trump is not going to participate in funding the project. The Obama administration gave the state millions of dollars during the planning process, according to the deputy communications director for the U.S. Interior Department, Russell Newell. But more federal money is no longer available.
According to Mr. Newell, the interior Department shares California’s vision for a more stable as well as reliable environmentally friendly water supply, but the funds to build the tunnels will not come from Washington. But the government will continue to work with the state on the project, according to Newell. Governor Brown wants to build two 35-mile long tunnels so water from the state’s largest river, the Sacramento, will service Southern California and San Francisco if another drought hits the state. The tunnel plan is a state project, so federal financing was never part of the plan, but since the project intersects with federal and state water projects, Brown will need approval from the Interior Department to continue the project. The state hit two big obstacles recently when two of California’s water districts passed on funding the project. And the Interior Department is challenging the $84 million that the agency gave the state when Obama was president. According to Trump’s administration, the tunnels are a waste of taxpayers’ money.


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