Corey Feldman Exposed Sexual Misconduct in Hollywood Years Earlier

As more celebrities speak out against sexual misconduct in Hollywood, we’re minded of Corey Feldman’s prophetic words on the subject. Years ago, Feldman, who now concentrates on a music career away from the pressures of acting, tried to expose incidents of pedophilia and sexual misconduct with child actors. Unfortunately, the actor was shamed into silence. Now, one of those interviews is coming forward to cast a dark shadow on one celebrated journalist in particular.
Corey Feldman Exposed the Truth on The View
Years ago, Corey Feldman tried to draw attention to the problems of sexual misconduct in Hollywood, but the actor was largely ignored. In fact, in talking about the problem with the hosts of The View, Feldman was shamed into silence. In his interview, Corey admitted to having been molested himself in the 80s, along with his friend and frequent co-star, Corey Haim.
In the segment, Feldman tells the ladies of The View that the Hollywood executives responsible for molesting them are still active today. The actor turned musician says those individuals have gone on to become some of Hollywood’s most prominent executives.
To clarify, Barbara Walters directly asked Corey if he was claiming there are pedophiles still active in Hollywood today. In response, Feldman, who recently did voice work for the animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, confirmed that he is aware of specific pedophiles still working in the filmmaking business.
Barbara Walters Shamed Corey for his Accusations
We’re often lectured on the danger of victim blaming, but, unfortunately, it’s still happening. In 2014, it was Barbara Walters who seemed critical of Corey Feldman’s accusations and what that meant for Hollywood as a whole. Upon hearing Corey warn parents against delivering their acting children to Hollywood with “naïveté,” she called him out on his bold statements.
“You’re damaging an entire industry,” Walters cautioned Mr. Feldman.
Efforts have been undertaken to obtain a comment from Ms. Walters, but her reps have not yet responded.
As video of the interview surfaced, Corey Feldman felt compelled to straighten any misconceptions. He stated in a tweet that Harvey Weinstein was not one of the abusers responsible for molesting Corey Haim and himself.
In response, Twitter users have expressed support and empathy for Corey Feldman. Many fans remain sympathetic to what Feldman and Haim endured, keeping them in their thoughts through recent events. As more voices add to the chorus of victims, Feldman’s 2014 statements help to emphasize the dangers Hollywood represents.



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