Surviving the California Wildfires

California is a dynamic state with a thriving economy. However, one of the biggest issues facing the state is the climate. Over the past few years, California has received much less rainfall than it usually does. This has led to drought conditions in a variety of areas throughout the state.

As a result, the chance of wildfires has increased greatly. There are many places around the state that are at-risk of a wildfire. California recently had a massive wildfire break out and kill dozens of people. However, there were some people who were able to survive.

Jumping in a Pool

One of the most interesting stories of survival comes from a couple married over 50 years. Instead of trying to run from the fire, they decided to stay in their swimming pool. This was a risky move, but the roads were already blocked from all of the fires.

When a wildfire breaks out, it is recommended to leave as soon as possible. There are some people who simply cannot leave their local area due to health reasons. Staying in a home is not an option when it comes to a wildfire. Hiding in a swimming pool is one of the best options available. Although it was difficult, this couple was able to survive the wildfire.


Controlling a wildfire is almost impossible without rain. In California, the ground is so dry from the drought that firefighters are having a tough time containing the fire. There are various people who are losing their homes and lives due to this fire.

The good news is that the fire is starting to be contained. It takes a massive effort from local firefighting teams in order to control a fire like this. Many people expect that the fire will be controlled within the next couple of weeks.

In the coming months, the threat of a wildfire is still going to be there. Until more rain starts to take place in these areas, they are still going to be really dry from the latest drought. The good news is that many people have been able to evacuate out of the area.


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