Fire Takes Over California Trailer Park

There are numerous fires that seem to be burning out of control in areas of California. It appears as though a portion of the state has simply gone up in flames. Firefighters are working with everything they have to get the fires under control, but dry weather and little rain are making it difficult to get the fires put out.

Nancy Cook was in her home in the middle of the night when her dogs started barking. She looked out the window of her trailer that was located in the Journey's End trailer park and saw a fire about a mile from her home. Nancy is the manager of the trailer park that burned down. When she saw the fire encroaching on the property, she knew that she had to get the people living in the park to safety.

Unfortunately, the wind was faster than the people in the park. The fire quickly took over the trailers, leaving residents with little time to get away. They had to leave behind pictures, valuables, clothes and other material possessions in the middle of the night. Almost all of the 160 trailers in the park for elders were damaged or burned to the ground. Of the things left behind were pets. People had to leave their companions. They just didn't know what to do or where to go to escape. Some of the people who lived in the park wanted to go back to try to find their possessions or to get vehicles. They wanted to look for their pets that might still be alive. However, county officials want to keep people away so that they can stay safe. Shelters have been set up in the area so that people have a place to stay and have somewhere to get food until they can make other plans.



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