Could AI Hold the Key to Your E-Commerce Site Keeping up This Black Friday?

Black Friday Could Change Your Ecommerce Site Performace

Seasonal sales events offer ample potential for profit, but they also bear no small share of challenges. Intelligent conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is essential for marketers who want to come out on top in the face of fickle trends, unpredictable consumption patterns and extreme competition. Here's how artificial intelligence platforms like Sentient Technologies might help your strategies evolve for the better this Black Friday.
What You're up Against
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are characterized by overload. Not only do people increase their consumption, but they also tend to shop more online. In 2015, for instance, Smart Insights reported that many sectors experienced over 200 percent more traffic than normal. In domains like technology, these spikes were as high as 340 percent or more.
Is Your e-Commerce Platform Prepared?
Having more consumers means a few things. For one, your systems must be sufficiently robust to deal with increased loads and remain available. Once you're relatively sure that your sales site isn't going to crash and burn during a peak, you also need to ensure that you're responding to everything your customers are subconsciously telling you.
Novel Data Challenges
Consumer behaviors tend to change during events like Black Friday. People know that they only have limited amounts of time to capitalize on great deals. What's more, they're well aware that you're not the only retailer offering discounts and perks. Although this is among the most lucrative sales events in the modern retail cycle, it's also one of the most competitive.

On-the-fly data gathering and analysis are essential tasks because they let you provide customers with personalized shopping experiences. In a sea of products and sales, the only way yours are going to stand out is if they actually speak to individuals instead of simply featuring more of the same generic content and familiar presentation. Ecommerce personalization establishes your brand more firmly in people's minds before the actual event so that you don't end up getting lost in wave after wave of your retail rivals' offerings.
How Can AI Help CRO Succeed?
Artificial intelligence may be your lifeline in the lead up to Black Friday's sheer madness. No matter how good you are at multitasking or marketing, there's no way to keep track of all of the consumer data that determines whether people are likely to convert. This doesn't mean, however, that the relevant information doesn't exist. You just have to increase your capability to process it all.

AI tools like Sentient Aware augment your outreach power in a few crucial ways, including

  • Collecting information about users from the instant they interact with your omnichannel brand footprint,
  • Integrating performance data to help you understand the pain points associated with using your pages, such as slow load times,
  • Segmenting your visitors by device to discover whether you could be doing more to accommodate busy consumers,
  • Gathering heat map, mouse tracking and form analytics data to learn exactly how people interact with your content,
  • Suggesting and conducting testing regimens that let you experiment with different site options, product display versions and other features to identify the most appealing combinations, and
  • Quantifying user behaviors like cart abandonment and facilitating automated responses, such as email follow-ups, to guide the customer experience from start to finish with the goal of promoting conversions.

Refine Your Efforts With Superior Intelligence
One of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of your Black Friday success is the fact that it's not always easy to understand which challenges deserve your focus. Since this event only occurs once a year, it can be hard to gather relevant data and apply it correctly.

An AI platform empowers you to define the problem so that you know you're surmounting the right hurdles. It can filter massive volumes of data to identify the juiciest tidbits of relevant information and help you make sense of the mess. By pointing your Black Friday strategy in the right direction, it ensures that you're not wasting your time on efforts that won't reward your hard work.

Conversion rate optimization takes many different forms, but with AI, you can explore more options to determine which suit your business goals best. This platform integrates with live sales systems to gather real data, so you don't have to gamble on unproven market theories or ideal audience segments to make an impact. Instead, you can continuously learn from how people behave to highlight and cultivate the most lucrative forms of interaction. From picking the product images that promote conversions to building social proof by identifying likely brand ambassadors and conducting email drip campaigns, AI platforms such as Sentient Technologies gives you the power to use AI for greater things. Why not turn your next Black Friday sale into a legendary success?


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