Goettl's Tips to Save Money This Summer

As the summer heat sizzles, you will likely be cranking up your HVAC system. Unfortunately, this can cause a spike in your energy bills. Here are Goettl's tips that can help you save a bit of money and remain comfortable.

1. Consider an Upgrade

If your AC unit is old, it may be time to consider an upgrade. Newer models are much more energy efficient. Although the replacement costs may have you on the fence, the money that you will save on cooling your home will offset the price. Most Energy Star items use half of the energy of older units.

2. Change Your Thermostat

Swapping a traditional thermostat with a programmable unit will help you save money. Instead of running the air conditioning throughout the entire day, you can set the times when you will be home. You can set the temperature higher when you are at work or sleeping. For added convenience, some of the latest products can be controlled from your smartphone.

3. Keep Your HVAC Protected

In the hot summer sun, it is wise to keep your HVAC protected. It is advised to place an awning or shrubbery around your system so that it remains cooler and runs smoothly. However, leaves and branches must be kept trimmed so that they do not get stuck inside the unit and cause damage.

4. Perform Regular Maintenance

It is essential to perform routine maintenance on your HVAC unit. It will help to prevent small problems from becoming big headaches. For instance, it is important to change your air filter each year. This will cut energy usage by up to 15 percent, especially during the summer months. Also, it is wise to clean the area around the exterior of the unit. This keeps it free to pull air inside.

Besides DIY maintenance, it is essential to have a professional HVAC company perform maintenance as well. These experts will be able to disassemble your unit and examine places that the average homeowner cannot reach. For example, a professional will make sure that the drain is not clogged. A blocked drain works harder to send cold air out. Also, a professional can check parts like the condenser fan. When the fan blades are clean, the unit will run at top efficiency.

5. Close the Curtains

When you open your curtains, you let the sunshine inside. Although this adds natural light to the space, it brings heat indoors as well. During the sunniest times of day, you should close your shades. This will lower the need for your air conditioner to work extra hard.

6. Repair Leaks around Windows

Even the smallest gaps around windows can let the cool inside air escape. This will make your HVAC unit run longer and harder than it should. To stop problems, it is easy to apply weatherstripping to the perimeter of each window.

7. Check Your Vents

Around your home, it is common for vents to become closed for cleaning purposes. Sometimes, these vents remain shut. If a room feels oddly warm, it is smart to check if the vents are open. Also, it is important to keep the vents clean. When the vents are clear, they can deliver maximum airflow around your home without extra strain on your air conditioner.

Use Goettl for All Your HVAC Needs

In 1926, Goettl began as a brothers' adventure in Mansfield, Ohio. During the Great Depression, a move westward landed the business in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then, it has become a pioneer in the industry. Technicians use innovative technology and produce evaporative coolers that are recognized worldwide. With over 90 years in the business, no one else can supply such expertise and quality services. We proudly assist our neighbors in the Sedona and Verde Valley communities and the Tri-City area.

In 2013, a new generation founded Goettl's High Desert Mechanical. This continues the family's dedication to providing comfort and reliability to clients throughout Arizona. This business proudly completes new construction, remodel projects, commercial endeavors, and tract housing development needs.

Goettl Services

Goettl's offers a variety of affordable and effective services. During the warm Arizona summers, it is essential to have an efficient and reliable AC system. We provide a number of repair and installation services and products so that you remain comfortable at all times. In fact, we are Northern Arizona's premiere geothermal experts. This technology uses the earth's temperature to satisfy your heating and cooling needs.

Our breakthrough Aesoseal Duct Sealing technology repairs leaks from the inside of your system. This effectively keeps your ductwork able to deliver proper airflow around your home or business.

Besides HVAC services, Goettl offers plumbing expertise as well. This division of our company helps you to save money each day. We provide a number of water systems, water heaters, and other energy efficient fixtures so that your monthly utility bills are lowered. This means that you can trust one company for all of your HVAC and plumbing needs.

To keep your HVAC unit running effectively, it is vital to perform routine maintenance. With our program, we extend the life of your existing system. We arrive to perform inspections and identify small issues before they become major. Also, we understand that problems can arise at any time, so we have emergency hours as well. Our top priority is satisfying our clients' needs, and our work ethic is the reason why our customers return time and time again. To schedule an appointment for service, maintenance, or a free estimate, call us today.


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