Samsung Galaxy S8 designed under the concept of oneness

Samsung Galaxy S8 designed under the concept of oneness

South Korean electronics giant Samsung recently provided a second design story for its new flagship Galaxy S8 smartphones.

Hyoungshin Park, chief designer for Samsung devices, said that the company aimed to create a seamless design highlighting the device’s visual unity under the concept of oneness.

In an interview, Park said, “It’s often said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and this certainly rings true for smartphones. So, in line with our philosophy of neutrality, we aimed to create a seamless design that highlights the visual unity of the device under the concept of ‘oneness.’”

When asked how the concept of oneness applied to the new device’s glass and metal, he replied that the Galaxy S8 smartphone particularly distinguished by the oneness of its materials.

Park added that designing the new flagship smartphone was a lengthy as well as a systematic process, and it lasted much longer than a year, requiring a great deal of teamwork.

The Galaxy S8 smartphone boats a 6.2-inch display with no side bezels, Gorilla Glass 5, fast wireless charging, in addition to a number of security options like password, PIN, facial recognition, fingerprint, and iris scanning.


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