How Solar System was Formed and Evolved? Tailless Comet Could Provide an Answer

How Solar System was Formed and Evolved? Tailless Comet Could Provide an Answer

A tailless comet has been discovered by astronomers with the help of Pan-STARRS telescope. Named C/2014 S3, the first-of-its-kind tailless comet thought to have been knocking around the space since our solar system was formed.

The unique space object holds clues about the formation and evolution of the solar system, as per a new study on the comet published in the journal Science Advances. The comet is an ancient body that may have returned from the edge of the solar system.

The C/2014 S3 comet remained safe for a long time because it ended up it in Oort Cloud, which is billions of years away from the sun. It may be as old as our earth and other solar system planets because it has elements that our planet has, as per the astronomers.

After closely observing the space rock, also called Manx, the astronomers found that it’s not the only one that has been abandoned. There are many asteroids in the space that originated near the sun, but the newly found tailless comet was formed closer than others, said Karen Meech, an expert and lead author of the study.

“"This one is the first uncooked asteroid we could observe: it has been preserved in the best freezer there is”, Meech added in a statement.

Comets are considered as very important space objects to understand early days of solar system as astronomers believe these bodies contributed water and organic compounds.

The strange comet, C/2014 S3, was first spotted by astronomers in 2014 using Pan-STARRS. The group of telescopes surveys the sky for moving objects, such as asteroids, comets and other space objects. Unlike many other comers, C/2014 S3 is dark and virtually tailless, as per the astronomers.



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