Mount Paektu Volcano could erupt in future as seismologists notice signs of heightened activity

Mount Paektu Volcano could erupt in future as seismologists notice signs of heightened activity

According to an international group of scientists studying the volcanic area in China and North Korea, the volcano can possibly erupt in the coming time as seismologists have observed a few signs of heightened activity.

Mount Paektu, considered as a sacred mountain by North Koreans, has spanned over a wider area between China and North Korea. The study team includes seismologists from China, North Korea, the United States and the United Kingdom. It suggested that the volcano is very active, but presently its time of eruption can’t be estimated specifically.

For the time being, the volcano is quiet but local seismologists have noticed some movement in the ground. However, the case wasn’t same a millennium back when the volcano exploded and rocks and ash got as far as Japan. Even after the outburst, Mount Paektu or Changbai is even today a mystery.

The scientists have been working hard to get more information about Mount Paektu. The co-author of the study, Kayla Iacovino of the US Geological Survey, said that Mount Paektu isn’t present where tectonic plates collide.

It is located in the middle of a plate at a distance of around 620 miles from the huge subduction zone that resulted into the creation of the Japanese islands. After negotiating for so many years, James Hammond and a team of scientists have finally got permission of getting into North Korea and click the subsurface of the volcano.

They reached at the mountain in 2013. They have fixed six solar-powered seismometers in a line stretching around 37 miles from end to end. The seismometers have captured the shakes and sounds of earthquakes specifically full two full years.

Waves’ speed varies depending on the kind of rock they pass by. On collecting the data, scientists can use the variations in speed to determine the kind of rock. As a whole, the data could shed light on the layers present underneath their feet.


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