A Big Puff Gathered Around Golden Gate Park On 420

Golden Gate Park

On Friday, April 20th, 2018, about 20,000 pot smokers gathered on Hippy Hill, in Golden Gate Park, to celebrate 420. This was a super special 420 event, considering the fact that it was the first one to occur after the full legalization of recreational marijuana in California.

The event in Golden Gate Park has been happening every year for the past several years. It initially started off as a small gathering of people. However, this year it was a huge festival with commercial booths selling products and corporate sponsors. It may have been the biggest Golden Gate Park 420 event, ever, in the history of it annually going on.

A variety of marijuana products were sold at the event. Just like at a ballgame, vendors walked through the crowds in an attempt to sell marijuana goodies. Anybody who forgot their blunt, pipe or smoking apparatus did not have to worry—there were people there selling those things. You could get a blunt for five dollars each if you ran into the right guy who sold them.

At 4:20 pm, everyone simultaneously smoked and let out one big puff of smoke. The giant cloud could be seen rising above the park.

During the event, 12 people needed to go to the hospital. The police believe that some of those cases may have had something to do with people overdosing on fentanyl. There were no arrests during the duration of the event

San Francisco wasn't the only place that held jovial 420 events—there were celebrations all over the the world. On the internet, there are pictures of people from various events cheering. There are pictures of large crowds, up-close pictures of people smoking and pictures of people waving flags with various images on them. A big event outside of the big San Francisco smoke-out was the Mile High Festival in Denver. The Mile High Festival happened in Civic Center Park, where about 50,000 people came to light up and act joyous.

The number 420 is the magic number referring to pot and anything pot-related. It is referred to in an endearing, humorous way. Supposedly, the creation of 420 can be credited to five men who grew up in Northern California. They created the famous code in 1971 because 4:20 pm was the time when they met up to smoke. The five men were in high school when they made up the code that would change the world


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