Beyonce Mass to be Held by San Francisco Church

Many musical artists extend past the musical world and enter into the cultural side of things with their music. There are even fewer artists who extend beyond culture and enter into the spiritual side of music. The Vine SF at Grace Cathedral is inviting parishioners to attend a mass led by none other than Beyonce[1]. Attendees will have the opportunity "to sing your Beyoncé favorites and discover how her art opens a window into the lives of marginalized and forgotten — particularly black females." Beyonce has become an active player and often uses her celebrity platform as a vehicle to raise awareness about social injustices within the black community.

Beyonce is one of the most well-known artists in the entire world. She has grown in fame over time and is married to the successful rapper and producer Jay-Z. Beyonce originally gained notoriety earlier in her career with Destiny's Child. She would eventually branch off and the name Beyonce would become a household name worth millions, possibly billions of dollars. Her music has continued to become more and more controversial while it sends very deep messages through the lyrics about racial stigmas and inequalities. The median salary for women is below that of their male counterparts. The wage gap is even more severe between men and black females in particular. Beyonce is used to sending messages in her music that can strike a chord with the culture, but this opportunity allows her to directly get a message to church leaders and other believers as well.

Rev. Jude Harmon, who founded and pastors this San Francisco church, realizes that cultural and spiritual matters alike can become intertwined at times. Rev. Harmon is quoted as saying, "the beauty of Beyoncé’s music is she explores those themes in an idiom that is accessible to everyone. We can use it as a conversation starter. That’s what it’s designed to be.” Beyonce leading mass at the third largest Episcopal cathedral in the country will certainly start a conversation. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, there is also a course being held by Rev. Yolanda Norton, an assistant professor of Old Testament at San Francisco Theological Seminary, that is entitled "Beyonce and the Bible." This mass will take place Wednesday, April 25, at 6:30 p.m.



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