Brown Says "No" To Guarding Southern Border With National Guard

Sanctuary cities are unarguably popular throughout the state of California, suiting the state of more Hispanics than any other throughout the other 49 states - California - well. Government officials have, for the most part, supported laws that give California the right to uphold sanctuary cities.

That's right - you read the title correctly, as this article is about troops placed on the southern United States border, not sanctuary cities. But to form an equal-headed opinion on how the modern United States treats immigrants, you should first understand the treatment of undocumented immigrants and how largely unfair such policies against sanctuary cities are.

The ABCs of sanctuary cities

When people are unable to provide valid identification upon a traffic, pedestrian, or other stops made by law enforcement officials in the United States, they are typically held in jail until identification can be proved.

All people taken into jail in the United States are required to provide fingerprints, which are then forwarded to federal government agencies. Such agencies, most commonly ICE - Immigration and Customs Enforcement - will send a request to local jails where such illegal immigrants are held if they wish to seek deportation.

Cities that don't allow jails to comply with federal authorities in these cases are considered sanctuary cities.

However, local governments don't receive much funding if they fail to comply.

Localities, do, however, have a vested interest in keeping their illegal immigrants safe - because people without green cards won't speak with law enforcement out of fear of getting arrested, which can result in higher crime rates because fewer residents are willing to report suspicious or blatantly illegal activity.

With this in mind, why treat immigrants like criminals?

Back to the planned human wall, precursor to the non-human wall

According to official reps from the Donald Trump administration, California Governor Jerry Brown chose not to agree to terms put forth by the federal government that seek to place, collectively, thousands of troops from the National Guard on station on the border between the United States and Mexico.

Trump wishes to affix live guards all across the border to minimize the flow of illegal immigrants coming into the United States from our neighbors to the south.

Such troops will, if everything goes as planned, stay in place until "the wall" is built, though Congress still hasn't granted even one-half of the cost of such a structure to appropriate government agencies.


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