Shift In Wind Likely Cause Of Balloon Crash

A hot air balloon had to make an emergency landing on Sunday afternoon in Rancho Peñasquitos. The balloon was dangerously close to a water tower when it landed. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported after witnesses and emergency officials got the people from the basket and got the balloon safely to the ground. The San Diego Police Department received an emergency call about the balloon shortly after 7 p.m. Joseph McGee lives in the area and saw the balloon while he was grilling in his backyard with family members and friends.

Joseph and other witnesses suspect that the balloon was pushed when the wind shifted direction and landed in trees on the side of a tall hill. The pilot appeared to try to get the balloon to go back up in the air, but the basket was stuck to the point that it would not budge away from the trees and bushes. The basket soon started tipping over as the balloon began to deflate and fall.

Joseph and the people at the BBQ ran to try to offer assistance until the fire department or the police department arrived. At least a dozen people were involved when the balloon landed. Everyone remained in the basket until it was safely removed from the brush and the balloon deflated as a way to prevent injuries. After about 10 minutes, the balloon was deflated, and the people inside the basket were able to get out. The balloon blocked traffic for a short time because it was over both lanes of the road after it was deflated. Even though there were no injuries, the people on board were questioned to ensure that they were safe and unharmed. The FAA will likely investigate the incident, but no charges appear to be in the future for the pilot as this appears to be an accident caused by the wind.



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