Police Seize $700,000 Worth of Makeup Tainted by Feces

While there's a lot of ingredients you can find in makeup that might unsettle the stomach knowing their origins, one of those ingredients should really never be poop.

San Francisco Gate reports on a recent police seizure of over $700,000 worth of counterfeit makeup from 21 different businesses in the L.A. Fashion District, as well as arrests made related to the merchandise. When tested in the lab, several samples from the bust were shown to contain human feces, as well as various other bacteria that should not be in makeup.

Why or how human feces made its way into the cosmetics is not known, as this is not typically something one would find in even the shadiest counterfeit products. It might possibly be a result of poor working conditions or a lack of sanitation for those who make the fake makeup products, though it's unlikely the true cause will ever be known for sure. Whatever the case, it's definitely disgusting and not something you'd want to put on your face.

According to reports, at least six people have been arrested for alleged trademark violation related to the makeup, with 15 businesses being issued cease and desist orders relating to the counterfeit merchandise. Based on pictures of the bust, various popular makeup brands like Urban Decay and Kylie Cosmetics had been knocked off and resold extremely cheap at these businesses.

Who actually made the products is not known at this time, but given the ubiquity of foreign counterfeit cosmetic businesses, it might be hard to track down the culprits without any sort of lead. Regardless, this will hopefully serve as a lesson to anyone interested in fashion and makeup to always buy the real deal. You get what you pay for, and if something is priced far too good to be true, it probably is.


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