Horses Return to San Diego Stables After Fire Repair

The Lilac Fire

The wildfires that ravaged through California late last year displaced hundreds of horses near San Diego at the San Luis Rey Training Center. The Lilac Fire, as it was termed, killed 46 horses on December 7th, 2017 when the fire raged through the hills near Fallbrook. The area is well-known for a large number of barns and is a native location for avocado groves.

More than 400 thoroughbred horses were temporarily re-homed due to the damages the facility sustained from the fire. The time has finally come for the horses and the staff who take care of them to go back home to San Diego after months of displacement. They’ll be spread out in new, temporary, or refurbished stalls that have undergone renovations at the training center reports the Los Angeles Times.

The horses were temporarily stabled at the Del Mar racetrack about 35 miles south of the San Luis Rey Training Center. Trainers expect that all horses will be back home by the end of the weekend with the assistance of groomers, stable hands, assistant trainers, and 200 trainers who also relocated to Del Mar temporarily. Kevin Habell, general manager of San Luis Rey, was quoted as saying “They all love the place and can’t wait to get back.”

The facility has had some work done to it since the fire ravaged through. The barns that weren’t destroyed by the fire were pressure washed thoroughly to remove the smell of soot. The barns have new metal roofs, and the older barns have received a fresh coat of paint to welcome the horses back home. Various landscaping throughout the entire facility has been cleaned up and replaced where needed.

The fire managed to destroy seven barns at the facility and an eighth of the property’s 240 acres. The fire also destroyed 100 homes located in the area when it viciously swept through the area at the end of last year.



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