Witnesses Suspected Movie Scene After Crash

When a driver drove up the ramp of a flatbed truck, the driver needed to be rescued because the vehicle overturned. Witnesses in the area thought that the incident was some kind of stunt for a movie until they realized that the driver needed assistance. While driving east on Broadway in Chula Vista, a man suddenly drove up onto the bed of a large truck that was working to get a forklift in place. Although the passenger wheels were able to stay on the bed of the truck, the driver's side wheels were off the side.

As the driver tried to over-correct to get the entire car on the flatbed, the vehicle overturned onto the road. The driver of the car was trapped for a few minutes until he was rescued. A woman was traveling on the road when she saw the accident happen, but she thought that it was for an movie because they were in California and near Hollywood. Several people stopped their vehicles and went to the aid of the man in the car. An EMT was one of the people in the crowd. Fortunately, he knew what to do on the scene to help the victim.

Nancy Brown was one of the people on the scene. She talked to the man in the car until emergency workers arrived on the scene with the proper equipment to get the car righted again and to get the man out of the wreckage. Firefighters had to use the jaws of life to get through the doors and the roof of the car to get the man out. Although officers don't believe the man was intoxicated, they are investigating what happened and what made the man drive up onto the back of a flatbed truck instead of staying on the roadway.



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