San Francisco School to offer Homeless Students Temporary Accommodation

The housing crisis in the state of California continues to attract some concerted efforts from the society with institutions, families, and individuals all alike coming together to help remedy to situation that may soon turn from bad to worse. In the recent turn of events, a school within the Mission District has offered to offer itself up in aid of the struggling and homeless families. The school, San Francisco Unified School District, the only public school district in San Francisco, is reportedly not new to responding so favorably to the homelessness situation in the state as it has done so in the last three years.
The school offered up its premises in 2015 and 2016 as a shelter for over 2,000 students who had housing difficulties for the vacation period, and has considered doing the same this year. Focusing on the immediate dire problem in the state, the school is categorical in the nature of the homeless individuals that it opts to help. In this regard, the homeless, those living in temporary housing shelters, as well as those residing in cars and streets will be poised to benefit from the program set to be rolled out in the next couple of days.
The Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8 has in this regard been put forward as a possible venue of accommodation of the qualified students. According to sources, parents of the school have also come in in strong support for such children who are in dire need of the much awaited program. Irma Nunez, for instance, exposed that such children who spend their night in cars and streets end up losing out when they arrive for school in the morning since they sleep in classes, thus having their academic performances grossly affected negatively.
According to the program, the school would avail its premises for accommodation to students for sleep from 7 p.m to 7 a.m on a daily basis.
The program has however attracted some criticism from the parents citing the daily demanding routine of converting the gymnasium into a residence at night and back into a gym in the morning. According to the school principal, Richard Zapien, there would be no point of concern as the school has put in place the necessary workforce and mechanisms to facilitate the daily interconversion on time and in a seamless manner. Of particular major concern, however, is the safety and security of the facility especially given the waves of school-based shootings that have been evidenced in the nation in the past.


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