Samsung Launches New Design Center In San Francisco CA

San Francisco, California will be seeing a new Samsung facility that will augment its electronic product design department. The South Korean electronics giant has recently launched a design center that will integrate product design to disruptive user-experience. This facility will be called Samsung Design Innovation Center. Samsung executives revealed that this facility was originally built as the company’s North American product design center in 1994. But now, they envision that the design studio will be combined with a research facility for innovative user-experience and expand its function from designing individual products to creating multiple device user experiences. The Head of Samsung Design Innovation Center, Dr. Federico Casalegno, underlined the role that this facility will play in the company’s future. He admitted that most of the products made by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. are no longer serving as stand-alone devices. As different devices are increasingly being connected, it is very important for a designer to understand and consider the user-experience of cross devices for each product’s design elements, he explained. This is the function that SDIC will be fulfilling and Samsung hopes that this facility will contribute to developing robust strategies that will adapt to the consumers’ evolving lifestyle patterns and changing trends and based on a thorough understanding of consumer tastes and lifestyles. This facility will also be focused on developing product concepts and innovations that are futuristic and also help in the market launching of such products. Although the SDIC facilities will be located in California, it will still be an integral part of the Corporate Design Center in Seoul, South Korea, which is only one among seven international design studios of Samsung. Casalegno also revealed that the mission of the SDIC is to understand the need of their consumers as well as their lifestyles so that they can provide them with meaningful experiences through Samsung’s devices. He claimed that these are beautiful products that are made to be more functional through the integration of cutting-edge technology. The SDIC will use a team of talented multi-disciplinary innovators and designers who will take advantage of the market insights they got in North America and also utilize the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley in their design of inspiring and innovative devices, Casalegno explained. Don Tae Lee, Samsung’s head of Corporate Design Center said that the company recognizes that its product innovation and design should enable people to do more. By launching this new design facility in California, Samsung is laying down the foundation that will deliver this kind of user experience to their consumers across all their electronic devices.



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