Shohei Ohtani Pitches Great for the Angels

One of the biggest stories of the 2017 Major League Baseball season has been Shohei Ohtani. He became a superstar in Japan because of his unique ability to pitch and hit. In fact, he has drawn a lot of comparisons to the legendary Babe Ruth. It is highly unlikely that Ohtani will come anywhere close to putting up numbers like Babe Ruth. However, he is certainly off to a great start in his Major League career. He has pitched two games for the Los Angeles Angels so far and he has done very well in both of them.

Ohtani's most recent start against the Oakland A's was much better than the first. In fact, he was able to carry a perfect game into the seventh inning. He wound up pitching seven innings and allowing no runs while striking out 12. It was a stunning performance that will quickly help to grow his fame in the United States. All of the games that he plays in are being televised back to his native Japan. There are also many members of the Japanese media that follow him wherever he goes.

Ohtani's exploits on the pitching mound are not the only things he has done right. He has also started three games as a designated hitter and hit a home run in all three of them. His great hitting and pitching have come as a surprise to many fans and media members because of the horrible spring that Ohtani endured. Many expert scouts were writing him off. He struggled to get hitters out when he pitched in spring training. He was equally as feeble with the bat. However, things have gone quite differently for him since the regular season has started. He has seemingly become an entirely different player.

The Los Angeles Angels were the winning bidders for Ohtani's serves when he became a free agent. He was courted by big teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees. However, he eventually decided to sign with the Angels because they made him a promise to allow him to pitch and hit occasionally as a designated hitter. He would obviously not be able to hit as a DH if he signed with a team that is in the National League. Therefore, Ohtani ruled out signing with the Dodgers and Cubs. It will be interesting to see how long he can perform at this level.



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