Crash Could Have Been Planned

An SUV accident that plunged over a cliff in California might not be an accident after all. Investigators are looking inside the home of the two mothers who were in the vehicle to determine if they could have committed suicide, driving the vehicle off the cliff as a way to kill themselves and their children. The computer of the vehicle has been examined, and investigators have gathered that the SUV was at a stop before it went over the side of the cliff. When the wreckage was found, the speedometer was at 90 mph, which leads investigators to believe that the vehicle accelerated significantly before crashing.

Another reason investigators believe that the accident could have been intentional is that there were no skid marks on the road. If the driver was trying to avoid crashing or trying to swerve to miss something in the road, then there would have likely been some kind of mark on the road. Instead, it seems like the driver sped up and drove over the cliff as a way to end her life as well as the lives of the other people inside the vehicle. Investigators are trying to determine if the other mother knew about any plans, but until all of the information is retrieved from the home, there will be no way to know if both people were a part of the accident.

The Hart family, two mothers and their children who they adopted, were found in the wreckage. Three of their children were found dead while the other three were reported as missing and presumed dead by investigators soon after the accident was discovered. Social workers had been called to the Hart home several times over the past few months because of concerns that the children were living in substandard conditions. The children have been in the spotlight for various reasons over the past few years after being adopted by the Hart mothers.



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