The Famous Burger-Cooker “flippy” Temporarily Shuts Down after One Day of Service.

CaliBurger Restaurant

Just after one day, the song in every body’s mouth, the burger –flipping robot’s services were officially called off from one of California’s most exquisite restaurant's kitchen. The CaliBurger restaurant reported that the robot's default was somehow human related. The chief officer responsible for the technology, Anthony Lomelino, who currently works with the Cali group deferred with the restaurant management. Instead, he pointed fingers back saying the restaurant had a shortage of personnel to prepare the patties to be utilized for the grill strategically. Lomelino would later spread it on the lettuce, including other fixings.

Like the saying goes ‘curiosity killed the cat,’ many customers flocked the restaurant to witness the famous burger cooking machine. The news went viral, and people traveled from various corners, for miles just to have a glimpse of the technology. The Cali group officer gave his sincere thoughts, saying instead of calling off the machine’s services, they should train people on how to keep up with the machines pace. He said that a lot of time would be spent on individual training to make the machine's service efficient.

Lomelino tried to relate saying that when humans are working, they tend to take breaks and converse with one other to make work exciting and do away with boredom. This is not the same as the burger cooker; he said that humans should understand that it works around a well-stipulated schedule and doesn’t waste time talking or get engaged in other things like humans. The machine instead choreographs and imitates whatever movements humans do and at a specific time. The robot is capable of serving as many people as 2,000.This means that it can correctly prepare 2,000 burgers for those people.

The machine made a significant debut at Pasadena restaurant, and there were plans to extend its services to more than 50 locations. The primary creator of the robot, Miso robotics, reported to one of the media houses saying that he had tried to test and code the robots controls to ascertain that the robot could handle pressure and make as many burgers as possible during peak hours in the restaurant. For all those who have interests in purchasing the robot would have to produce not less than $60,000.The technicians behind the robot made it clear that the idea of coming up with the machine was not meant to take away people’s jobs. Instead, it should work as a third hand and assist workers.



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