Hostage Situation Unfolds In California Home For Veterans

An active shooter call was reported to the Yountville police department early in the day on March 10, 2018. Officers quickly arrived at the Veterans Home of California-Yountville to find that there was indeed a suspect inside the building who had taken several people hostage. He had entered the building while a party was taking place, acting like he should have been there as a guest. He allowed a few people to leave the building before locking the doors and taking the remaining people inside hostage.

Unfortunately, four people lost their lives. One woman was a psychologist at the home and was also pregnant. The suspect is also among those who died. Officers responded to the call shortly after 10 in the morning. The hostage situation lasted throughout the day as officers tried to talk to the suspect to get him to let the people inside leave the building. Officers used a drug dog outside to see if there was anything in the suspect's vehicle, but nothing was found.

When officers entered the home, they three women in one room. All of them were dead. The women who were killed were employees at the home and a part of the treatment program that the home offers to veterans. After investigating the suspect, officers determined that he served in Afghanistan and had recently come back home. A few people close to the suspect noticed that he seemed depressed and that he wasn't handling being back in society in a positive way. Officers who responded to the scene exchanged gunfire with the suspect as the man started shooting at officers while inside the home. The suspect had taken part in a program offered by the veterans home, but he had been told to leave after a short time. The veterans home is among the largest ones in the country and offers several amenities for veterans who stay there and who receive mental health services from the programs offered.



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