California Fertility Clinic Has A Freezer Malfunction

A failure at a freezer in a fertility clinic has damaged thousands of frozen embryos and eggs. This is the same day that a freezer problem occurred at the University Hospitals in Cleveland. Four hundred people were informed of the tank failure. There were thousands of embryos and eggs inside of the freezer.

Dr. Carl Herbert is the medical director and president of the Pacific Fertility Center. He stated that it is unusual to have two freezers fail at two different centers. The University Hospitals and Pacific Fertility Center are not connected to each other. He also stated that this is the first time that something like this happened.

Sean Tipton is a spokesperson for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. He stated that it is highly unlikely for two things like this to happen on the same day. He also believes that there are risks that have to be addressed.

University Hospitals stated that they are investigating the cause of the freezer failure. This problem may have damaged 2,000 embryos. Seven hundred people may have been affected.

Dr. Herbert stated that the nitrogen level was extremely low in the storage tanks. An emergency liquid nitrogen filling was then performed. The eggs were then transferred to the storage tank.

Patients at both clinics are still waiting to see if their eggs and embryos are still viable. The extent of the damage is unknown. Dr. Herbert released a statement saying that they are truly sorry for what happened. He also stated that they are sorry for the anxiety that this mishap has caused.

A lawsuit has been filed against University Hospitals. The attorneys stated that the freezer failure has caused catastrophic loss for many families. They also stated that many people have lost what could have been their future sons and daughters. Many people are feeling confusion, anger and sorrow.



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