Meet the Teenage Girl Who Cleaned Up the Streets of Encino

Meet Lily Rowe: a very special 16-year-old girl from Encino.

Last Sunday was Clean Up Encino Day. All across the city volunteers in yellow shirts were spending the day cleaning the streets and the surrounding public areas, and it was all thanks to Lily.

Lily, who attends Campbell Hall High School as a junior, organized the event after listening to her father complain about all the garbage on their street.

She says that there is so much garbage in the city's streets that it is difficult to even notice that is there, but one night this all changed. It changed when her father took out the family dogs for a walk and later moaned about all the trash he saw. She first asked him what he was going to do about it, and when the answer was not something she liked, she decided to something about it herself.

First, Lily enlisted the help of the Encino Chamber of Commerce. Then, she went around town and solicited a number of corporate sponsors for the event. Finally, she obtained the necessary supplies and found and organized the volunteers. Two separate teams of volunteers fanned out across the city that day, picking up garbage not only from the streets, but also from other public areas. They even cleaned gutters.

Robert Newman, who is a local resident who volunteered for the event, credited Lily for making the day such a success. He said that she was the one who made it happen, by pushing for it and by planning it. He went on to say that the community needed more people like Lily who care about the city and who would like to do something to improve it.

After the volunteers hauled away countless bags of garage on Clean Up Encino Day, Lily personally thanked all of them for their efforts. But just because the day is now over that does not mean Lily's work is done. She says that she hopes to expand the day into something much larger.



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