Cities In California Have Ranked As Healthiest And Unhealthiest

Healthiest And Unhealthiest

According to one study, California is home to some of the healthiest and unhealthiest cities in the United States of America. The study was conducted by a personal finance website called WalletHub.

In the study, 174 cities were compared with each other. The researchers made it a point to include the two cities in each state with the most people, as well as the 150 cities with the largest populations. Sixteen cities in California made it into the top 50 healthiest cities. In the top ten healthiest cities, three Californian cities have made rankings for themselves.

Four criteria were considered when conducting the Healthiest and Unhealthiest Cities in America report for 2018. These criteria were: green spaces, health care, fitness and food.

Where is the number-one most healthiest city? If you guessed California, then you are right! WalletHub ranked San Francisco as the healthiest city in America. This sharply contrasts to the recent study done by U.S. News that ranks California as the worst quality state to live in.

Twenty-nine cities from California were ranked in the study. Some were lower down on the list as healthier and some were higher up in the list as being more unhealthy. From healthy to unhealthy, here were the rankings of the cities from California: San Francisco--1st place, San Diego--2nd place, Irvine--9th place, Huntington Beach--13th place, Fremont--15th place, Los Angeles--16th place, Santa Clarita--19th place, San Jose--20th place, Glendale--21st place, Sacramento—22nd, Oakland--25th place, Long Beach--32nd place, Santa Rosa—36th place, Rancho Cucamonga--40th place, Garden Grove--49th place, Anaheim--50th place, Oceanside—55th place, Chula Vista--82nd place, Riverside—96th place, Santa Ana--103rd place, Modesto--104th place, Oxnard--106th place, Fontana--118th place, Ontario--120th place, Fresno--125th place, Moreno Valley--131st place, Stockton--132nd place, Bakersfield--142nd place and sand Bernardino--152nd place.

San Francisco frequently ranked in the top five when it came to positive things such as “Most Walking Trails Per Capita,””Most Running Trails Per Capita,” “Most Healthy Restaurants Per Capita,”“Most Healthy Trails Per Capita” and “The Lowest Number of Adults Not Eating Fruits/Vegetables Each Day.”

In the top five “Highest Percentage of Healthy Adults,” there were three Californian cities. In the rankings for “Premature Death Rates,” all top five cities were in California. Of course, there were some cities in California that were put into rather sour rankings. San Francisco, the star of the show, made it into the top five for “Highest Average Monthly Cost of Fitness Club Membership.”


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