The Department of Justice Sues California for “Unconstitutional Immigration Policies”

The tug-of-war between the Trump administration and California continues to soar, with the former suing the Golden State for the yet to be implemented “unconstitutional policies” involving protection of illegal immigrants. The suit, which was filed on Monday, seeks to block implementation of state laws that prohibit police from establishing the citizenship status of a person or aiding federal immigration officers swooping down on undocumented immigrants. The lawsuits, filed on Tuesday, named the Golden State, Gov. Jerry Brown, and Xavier Becerra as defendants.
The current dispute between California and the Trump administration adds to the long list of issues that have often stirred up disagreements between the two levels of governments. California openly refused to yield to the Trump administration on issues such as taxes and marijuana policy. Meanwhile, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is threatening to frustrate funding to California and other states that are “uncooperative.”
Gov. Brown, in a Tweet, warned Sessions against dividing and polarizing California, affirming that his clout only worked in Washington—not California. California Senate President Pro Tem welcomed the suit. He is the one behind the sanctuary state bill.
As the Justice Department goes after California Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf is also on the receiving end of the department, because he vowed to publicize an immigration sweep ahead of time. ICE argues that such as action would assist illegal immigrants to elude detention.
The Constitution supremacy clause, however, seems to bestow an upper hand upon the Justice Department on its latest spate of attacks on California. The clause invalidates state laws that contradict federal laws. The supremacy clause, in fact, was used to prevent Arizona’s immigration laws, which the high court found many provisions conflicting with federal immigration laws. The court, however, upheld a provision bestowing powers upon officers to inquire about the immigration status of people thought to be in the country illegally.
Law enforcement officers are expected to assemble in Sacramento Wednesday, where Sessions will address them. Becerra also will address the audience consisting of California Peace Officers’ Association, representatives of chiefs, sheriffs, district attorneys, etc. Sessions and Becerra differ strongly on immigration issues.



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