Trump Administration Files Suit Against State Of California

Undocumented Immigrants

The administration of United States President Donald Trump filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the state of California in response to the state’s protection of undocumented immigrants living in the country. This is the most aggressive action taken to date in the administration’s efforts to force sanctuary cities to comply with federal immigration guidelines.

California’s lawmakers continue to show open defiance and promise to defend the position the state has taken to protect its legislation.

In the suit filed by the Justice Department, it is argued that laws enacted by the state of California that prohibit local police officers from inquiring about a person’s citizenship status or cooperating with immigration authorities are unconstitutional. Governor Jerry Brown, Attorney General Xavier Becerra, and the state of California are named as the defendants in the lawsuit.

Kevin de Leon, the Democrat from Los Angeles who authored the state’s sanctuary bill responded to news of the lawsuit with “bring it on.”

The lawsuit is the latest in an ongoing feud between the president and the state of California who has defied Trump on tax and marijuana policies in addition to refusing to aide federal immigration authorities at detaining and deporting illegal immigrants.

Immigration officials have stated their intent to increase their presence in the state and Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, is seeking to discontinue funding to cities that provide sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

The Justice Department is also considering the actions of Libby Schaaf, the Mayor of Oakland, who took to social media to warn area residents of immigration raids that would soon take place. ICE officials say that Schaaf’s actions prevented them from making contact with hundreds of illegal immigrants.

Schaaf responded Tuesday that the city of Oakland will continue to make sure that its residents are kept abreast of their constitutional rights.

President Trump’s administration has attempted to make good on promises made during the Trump campaign to ramp up efforts to remove people from the country who are here illegally.

Governor Brown addressed Donald Trump via Twitter Tuesday night, remarking that in the midst of the present turmoil that the president could send the Attorney General to the state of California with the intent to cause further division among the American people.

One particular law in the state bans employers from allowing immigration offers onto worksites or have access to employee information. A second law prevents local jurisdictions from cooperating with ICE to detain undocumented workers.



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