Oakland Mayor Hinders Immigration Roundup

A recent raid by immigration officials in Northern California this week successfully captured a number of people who have remained in the country illegally despite being convicted of serious criminal offenses. This despite efforts to hamper the operation on the part of the mayor of the city of Oakland.

Official reports by Immigration officials state that 232 arrests of illegal immigrants were made in a four day period across the Bay Area of Northern California.

A significant number of individuals that were apprehended in the raid had either been tagged for immediate expulsion from the United States, had been previously relocated to their country of birth, or had been convicted of criminal offenses. And more than a hundred of these individuals had been convicted of felony offenses.

The mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf, tweeted out a warning of the raid that proved to greatly decrease the number of targeted individuals that were caught in the sweep. Tom Homan, director of ICE, says that Schaaf may have prevented immigration officers from locating as many as 800 targeted individuals.

Homan likens that actions of Schaff to street gang lookouts that scream ‘police’ whenever a patrol car enters the gang’s neighborhood. Immigration officials, including Homan, feel that the actions of Schaaf crossed a line of no return.

A spokesperson working for ICE while speaking with Fox News said that individuals apprehended in the raid included people that had been convicted of murder, burglary, indecent acts with minors, and aggravated assault.

ICE officials point in particular to what they have termed the ‘Nunez Salgado situation.’ Salgado is a gang member who has been deported to Mexico four times in the past. Salgado has convictions in U.S. criminal courts for deadly assaults, burglary, and fleeing from police officers.

ICE officials have also released a statement that addresses recent California legislature that is intended to thwart the agencies efforts to apprehend illegal immigrants. The statement explained that the state’s prohibition on communication between law officers in the state and ICE officials have proved to be extremely problematic and have served to shield criminal aliens that are removable from the country from ICE officials.

Schaaf made no apologies for her actions saying that she believes the action she took to protect members of her community was the correct one. Schaaf said that people should not be made to “live in fear” and should be informed of their rights as well as the recourses they can take to protect those rights.



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