Los Angeles Rams Look to Jared Goff to Continue Growth.

Los Angeles Rams

Now, more than at any other time in football history, the NFL is all about the passing attack. Of course, things had been ramping up over the past several years but now the league isn't even hiding the fact that to win in the NFL you have to have a guy capable of slinging for 300+ yards on a consistent basis. If you put these metrics down in front of the Los Angeles Rams leadership just two years ago, they likely would have turned to rookie QB Jared Goff with some reluctance. While Goff came into the league as a highly-touted rookie, he immediately fell apart in his first year as a starter. That all changed this past season when the Rams turned into the Greatest Show on Turf V2. Now, Rams' leadership is looking to Jared Goff to continue his upward trajectory with some huge expectations being lobbed at him.

In his rookie year, Jared Goff posted a passer rating of 63.6. Abysmal. In fact, Goff's numbers were so bad that he was already being labeled as one of the biggest busts in recent NFL memory. This was only exacerbated by the success of other young signal callers and more specifically the success of co-draftee Carson Wentz. Things changed last year as Goff jumped to a 100.5 passer rating, making historic improvements, while first-year coach Sean McVay increasingly gave Goff the ability to stretch out his arm and air it out. Goff improved in every perceptible category and the resurgence of running back Todd Gurley helped to cement the Rams on their first meaningful playoff journey in a long time. While the Rams would end up going home early, the table was set. Los Angeles has a team with the ability to run the ball, air it out, and crush on defense. What comes next?

Well, if you were to talk to head coach Sean McVay the answer to that question is simple. Goff simply has to continue growing. The rest of the league is only getting better and Goff isn't going to be allowed the growing pains afforded to most young signal callers on young franchises. Los Angeles found success early and now the Rams are going to pay for it unless they keep it going. Los Angeles will likely look to the '18 NFL Draft in order to bring in another offensive weapon for Goff to replace the loss of guys like Tavon Austin.



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