Half Of Healthcare Workers In California Did Not Get The Flu Shot

A recent study has shown that less than half of healthcare workers in California have received the flu shot. The California Department of Public Health has stated that anywhere from 37 percent to 100 percent of the healthcare workers at acute care hospitals are vaccinated. Rady's Children Hospital, which is located in San Diego, stated that every person who works at the hospital received the flu shot.

California's vaccination policy can vary from hospital to hospital. Many healthcare workers have challenged the vaccination policy. They have stated that they have both religious and secular reasons to oppose vaccination. There are also unions in California that have stated that forced vaccination is a violation of civil rights.

Many healthcare workers get their flu shots free of charge. Lynn Janssen is the chief of the California Department of Public Health. She stated that it is important to make vaccination accessible. Hospitals require that healthcare workers to wear a mask if they do not have a flu shot.

A 2017 Canadian study suggested that the benefits of vaccinated healthcare workers may be overstated. There are a variety of reasons that healthcare workers choose not to vaccinate. Some people do not like getting shots. Other people feel that the flu shot is unnecessary. Additionally, some people do not vaccinate because they think that they can get the flu from the shot.

Jan Emerson-Shea is the spokesperson for the California Hospital Association. She stated that her organization wants to make it mandatory for people who work in the medical field to get the flu shot. Gerald Brogan is a nurse and spokesperson for the California Nurses Association. He is against making the flu shot mandatory for everyone.

Not only is Gerald opposed to making the flu shot, but he is also against making healthcare workers wear masks. He stated that the mask does not stop the spread of the flu. Gerald stated that washing your hands and staying home when you are sick are more effective for preventing the flu. Many employers make nurses work when they are sick.



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