Does California Have the Worst Quality of Life?

Many people believe California is a place of ease and beauty. For example, it is common knowledge that the weather is often gorgeous and celebrities constantly swarm the streets. Also, thanks to eruptions of new technology almost every year, California is known for attracting some of the best and brightest minds to produce the gadgets of the future. What's not to love about such a place? Apparently, there seems to be a lot.

A study recently proclaimed that California has the worst quality of life in America. The state came in 50th place, right behind New Jersey and Indiana. How can this be possible?

For starters, California ranked low in environmental quality and social engagement. Apparently, things are dirty in California. Also, folks don't seem to vote or enjoy community bonding the way folks do in other states. The state also received poor marks simply because outsiders tend to think of Californians themselves as insufferable.

These parameters used to rank the state may seem a bit capricious. However, the study also examined housing in California, a topic that is arguably the most important. For example, it's hard to enjoy any quality of life at all if you can't afford to keep a roof over your head.

You also don't need to be completely homeless to have a poor quality of life in California. In 2017, Harvard University reported that one-third of renters in Los Angeles were "severely rent-burdened." This means people were forced to spend at least half of their income on housing, leaving little else for food, utilities, medicine, savings, or recreation. Living in such a manner greatly reduces one's quality of life.

U.S. News, the publication behind the study, examined many other areas. These areas were education, crime and corrections, health care, economy, infrastructure, opportunity, and fiscal stability. California scored poor marks in nearly all of these areas. In the fiscal stability category, an important category due to its influence on the other categories, California ranked forty-third.

A bright spot was California's economy, a category where California came in fourth. Unfortunately, it simply seems that all off those economic benefits aren't being shared equally across the state.

If you are a Californian and want to get out of this mess, where should you go? Apparently, if you are looking for the best quality of life, the recent study ranked North Dakota as number one. Go pack your bags.



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